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  • My Free Farm 2 – Turn it All Around!

    This 3D game will spin you right round! Literally. You can look at your virtual farm from every angle with the help of your mouse in My Free Farm 2. Want to change the perspective in the browser game? No problem! From up top, left, right, or from a distance! In addition to a flexible view, this 3D game gives you a farm simulation experience with plenty of navigational options. This lets you keep sight of all of your goals! Watch your animals, keep an eye on the fields showing ripe crops, or closely examine your decorations. Discover the fascinating 3D game full of possibilities and customization! Play free now!
  • My Free Farm 2 – A Captivating Experience

    You want to escape to the countryside? Enjoy idyllic nature, listen to the sounds of a farm, and see the stunning colors of the fields? Nothing easier than that! A few clicks are enough to start your own agricultural business in the 3D game My Free Farm 2. You'll begin with a humble plot of land and gradually develop your cute farm into an impressive estate with extensive fields, production buildings, your own fleet of trucks, and of course, lots of adorable animals. Prove your skill as an online farmer. Design, build and expand. Experience an enchanting setting with regular updates. Seasonal events, occasional visits from Pilot Amy in her float plane, bulk orders, night mode, a bistro and many other features await you!
  • My Free Farm 2 – Exceptional Crops

    Every 12 hours, you can make it be night in My Free Farm 2. You'll have 15 minutes of darkness to sow special plants such as mushrooms and eggplants before the sun comes up again. Night mode is a game-changing addition to the game at level 20. Once unlocked, you can click on the lighthouse every 12 hours to activate night mode. Night mode opens new opportunities that contribute to the charm of this extraordinary online farm game. Explore the possibilities of My Free Farm 2 and play free now!
  • My Free Farm 2 – Discover the Extensive Simulation

    You just can't miss out on this farm! Become part of the My Free Farm 2 community! Experience the hit game in your browser. Now you can play the cult 3D game right on your PC. Register at and get started! Establish your own online farm. Cultivate the fields. Decorate your farm with enchanting items, take part in special challenges and show your stuff! Off we go to My Free Farm 2!

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