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  • My Free Farm 2 – Get Started in the Farm Simulation

    Cute animals, juicy fruits, magnificent landscapes and memorable encounters – all this and more awaits you in the extraordinary browser game My Free Farm 2. Establish your own online farm, expand and design it according to your wishes. The further you progress in the farm simulation, the more areas, features and options you'll be able to use. My Free Farm 2 sets itself apart with a riveting game experience. Make your own goods from farm-fresh produce. Deliver them to customers with trucks and a boat. Make friends online and support your newfound neighbors with countless virtual tasks. My Free Farm 2 provides long-lasting fun in your browser: Join us on the online farm!
  • My Free Farm 2 – Open your own Bistro!

    In the exciting browser game My Free Farm 2, you manage your own farm. You can keep animals, cultivate a myriad of plants, produce goods, sell them to customers, earn in-game money and expand your farm. But that's just the beginning! There are numerous ways to reel in customers in this engaging farm simulation – one of them is a bistro on your farm! You'll start off with a modest three seats for your guests, and one service slot. Once you've taken your eager guests' orders, you'll begin preparing their meals. Over time, you can unlock up to twelve slots in the bistro, turning your humble farm into a countryside experience for all!
  • Interesting Encounters in the Countryside

    She's daring and doesn't shy away from a challenge. Over the course of the farm simulation My Free Farm 2, you'll run into Amy the Pilot every once in a while. From time to time, she'll land on your farm in her float plane, with a number of orders from wholesalers. Fulfill their wishes within the limited time frame to rake in high profits. Amy is just one of the quirky and lovable characters you'll meet in the game. Check out My Free Farm 2 today and experience the thrill of the countryside. Register for at and play for free! The tutorial will teach you all the basics, and soon you'll begin building up your farm on your own. Join now!
  • My Free Farm 2 – The Fun Begins

    Jump-start your farming career. All you need is a PC, a working internet connection, and of course, curiosity and a love of discovery. Establish your virtual farm in the comfort of your browser. Let yourself be enchanted by the magical atmosphere of this lovingly-designed farm simulation with charming 3D graphics. Become a part of the My Free Farm 2 community now! Make friends with other players and support them with small everyday tasks. Experience the farming spirit in My Free Farm 2!

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